Important Policies

If you miss 6 classes, passing this class is nearly impossible. Missing class may prevent you from retaking the EPI. Most importantly, in order to improve language skill you must practice. Come to class!!

Cell Phones
Please do not use cell phones in class. It's rude in any class, but particularly so in a class that focuses so much on listening and speaking. You are not only hurting yourself but also your classmates. Unless you have a legitimate emergency, please TURN OFF (not silent) your cell phone for the entire class.

When you enter the classroom, please speak in English even if you speak the same language as your classmates. If you must speak in your first language, please leave the room. Take advantage of this opportunity to speak English.

Every week you will be given a homework assignment. This should take no more than an hour and offers you the opportunity to get individual feedback. Late homework will not be accepted.

Mini Lectures
Every three to four weeks, you will have the opportunity to present in class for 5-10 minutes. We will present over two classes and you only need to attend one class.

After every mini lecture, you will meet with me to discuss your presentation. The meeting should last from 10-15 minutes and will be scheduled in advance. Please bring the self-evaluation sheet before class.  If you are more than 5 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelledIf you miss your scheduled appointment, you must meet me during my office hours. 

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