Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 3: Language Learner

Class Objectives:
  • Discuss what makes a good language learner.
  • Continue American English vowels.
  • Develop awareness of difficult vowels
  • Recognize how message units make you more understandable.
Class Today:
  • Good Language Learner Activity
  • Continue vowels in Well Said 189-193
  • Pronunciation Journey Vowels 
  • Describe Homework Assignment
  • If you haven't already, purchase Well Said: Pronunciation for Clear Communication
    • I will not copy pages from the book after the third week of class unless the bookstore is sold out.
  • Please put a photo on your Moodle profile. This helps me learn your name.
  • Your perception assignment is due Monday by midnight through Moodle. Please remember late homework assignments are not accepted. 

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